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StockLoan Solutions: Become a Good Investor and Learn About Stock Secured Financing and Equity Lending

Stock secured financing and equity lending is a revolutionary and innovative alternative financial solution offered to a wider customer base unlike traditional stock loans that were merely offered to high net worth clients and companies with large accounts. What do we mean by stock loans? A stock loan is a simple and interest-only loan vehicle that gives liquidity, and hedge against the volatile market to the borrower. In a stock loan, the process involves a client to request the loan terms from the lender, and the lender reviews the collateral and provides a term sheet. In return, the client reviews the terms and conditions, sign the documents, and a contract will be issued with delivery instructed client indicated.

Margin loans are non-recourse and private loans competing to offer liquidity to the borrower, and this is the only type of stock loan financing available in some countries. If you are a stock investor or shareholder, are you aware of the availability of non-purpose stock loans, and other customized liquidity financial solutions such as securities based credit lines, pre-paid variable products, and non-recourse stock loans? A non-purpose stock loan allows an investor to access his funds without selling his investments or shares, using his investment portfolio as a loan collateral and any proceeds cannot be used to buy, trade or carry securities. Security-based lending provides a lot of benefits to the borrower, including avoidance of taxable event and ensuring continuation of the investment strategy.

How do you become a good investor? It is crucial to conduct as stock market research before you make an investment decision. There are a lotof tools available for you to conduct a stock analysis. You can use a stock screener so you can easily find those that meet your parameters. Know where the earnings announcements are to keep up with the season earnings and updates about a particular stock. It also helps following an economic calendar regularly. It also helps to monitor SEC filings by following insider major events and transactions of your prospective company. You have to perform a stock technical analysis by using stock charts and guided by technical theories. A stock trading software program is the best tool to help you perform technical analysis. Fundamental analysis is a crucial aspect because it deals with checking into the financial information of your prospective company, studying how competitive it is, and its management operations.

You can always find a lending company that offers stock loans without you having to pay for application fees, transfer fees, and underwriting fees. It is best to look for a product with full and high compliance with the Rule 144. Find out more about this info through StockLoan Solutions the liquidity that stock loans provide to you as an investor by checking us out on our homepage or website today!

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